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    Bonus item 1: video (m4v format) of the premiere of dharmachakramudra at the soundON Festival of Modern Music that took place at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla, California on 6/16/11. The performers were from the San Diego New Music/NOISE Ensemble: Mark Menzies, viola, Franklin Cox, cello, Morris Palter, vibraphone.
    Bonus item 2: a .png file of the cover art by Kel Smith




The cover art was designed by the incredibly multitalented Kel Smith, who took the score of my piano work 'textbook:
music of solitary landscapes in hyperspace (piece for IPS)' and subjected it to some algorithms to create a unique and beautiful piece of art.

These recordings represent five live performances of my music starting with 2006. Prior to that, only some student pieces had been performed, the last being the premiere of the complete 'four landscapes for six instruments' by North/South Consonance conducted by Max Lifchitz at Symphony Space in NYC in 1980.

Some general comments about performing my music: it's usually very, very hard. The scores do not give the impression that playing the music will be difficult. But the music is typically very quiet, has a single dynamic throughout, lacks significant instructions for performers, and is pretty repetitive and static. So it requires a superhuman level of concentration and dedication on the part of performers. I've been extremely lucky to have had such great performances by the musicians represented on this album. I also prefer a lot of leeway when playing my music; metronome marks do not need to be interpreted exactly, and when indicated, the number of repetitions can be considered a minimum rather than an absolute number.


released October 23, 2012


Maxim Zolotarenko, cello (music for cello)

Mike Lunoe, Bill Solomon, live and pre-recorded marimbas (bs piece)

San Diego New Music/NOISE Ensemble: Mark Menzies, viola, Franklin Cox, cello, Morris Palter, vibraphone (dharmachakramudra)

The Diverse Instrument Ensemble (Veronica Paez-oboe, Michael Lassarre-alto sax, Dora Skidmore, french horn, Paul Bailey-trombone, Brian Madigan-bass guitar, Ryan Nunes-vibraphone, Carl Stronach-vibraphone, Lloyd rodgers, conductor (this piece intentionally left blank)

Hugh Sung, electronic organ; Daniel Beliavsky, piano; Bill Solomon, marimba (objects)

Sound Engineers (where known):

Andrew Popoff (music for cello)

Nathan Brock (dharmachakramudra)

Cover Art:

Kel Smith




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